Manuela G. Romo

Born in Mexico City on November 25, 1993.

She graduated in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design (UNAM). During 2018 she studied the VII Diploma of Visual Arts production at the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín Etla (CaSa), in 2017 she is part of the Contemporary painting seminar imparted by Francisco Castro Leñero at the Talleres de Arte contemporáneo (TACO).

She was a grant holder of the Jovenes Creadores program of FONCA in its 2016-2017 edition. .

Her work has been shown individually and collectively in various exhibitions, among which are: "Evocaciones interiores: Metáforas sobre el espacio" in Casa Galería, "Vestigios inmarcesibles" in the gallery of Cultura Colectiva and "Registros urbanos" in Enfrente Galería.

In addition, his work has been selected in different biennials at the national level, among them the Monterrey National Biennial "ARTEMERGENTE" (2017) and the "XII Biennial Joaquín Clausell" (2017) of Campeche.

His work explores the limits and convergences between abstraction and pictorial figuration, taking as a pretext the representation of architectural space.